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  The Islands: Isles of Scilly
The Isles of Scilly positioned just 28 miles off the coast of Cornwall, are a haven for relaxation and tranquillity. Scilly is made up of over 100 islands of which only 5 are inhabited. St. Mary's is the largest, while the other inhabited islands are Bryher, St Agnes, St Martin's and Tresco. All offer a wide variety of cafes, restaurants, galleries and craft shops. The uninhabited isles are home to a plethora of flora and fauna, notably seals, puffins and migratory birds, as well as fascinating archaeological remains.

Due to the mild climate, a result of the Gulf Stream that passes close by, numerous rare species of exotic plants and flowers found nowhere else in Britain, thrive here.

So special are the islands, historically and environmentally, that the whole area is protected as Heritage Coast and an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Preserved, so that it can be enjoyed by islanders and visitors alike.

Great Bay & White Island, St Martin's.  
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